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Family-to-Family Mentoring

As soon as possible after you visit with the Beneficiary Family, please complete the form below and click "submit".

Family-to-Family Mentoring Report

Smell (e.g. stale cigarette smoke, rotting food)
Kitchen floor soiled, covered in bits, crumbs etc.
Floor covering in any other room soiled (as Kitchen)
Kitchen sink, draining board, work surfaces or cupboard door have not been washed for a considerable period of time
Cooking implements, cutlery or crockery showing ingrained dirt and/or these items remain unwashed until they are needed again.option
General decorative order poor – obviously in need of attention (e.g. badly stained wall paper, broken windows)
Other surfaces in the house have not been dusted for a considerable period of time
Lavatory, bath or basin showing ingrained dirt.
Furnishings or furniture soiled
Informant’s or children’s, clothing clearly unwashed, or hair matted and unbrushed
Garden or yard uncared for and strewn with rubbish
Thanks for submitting!
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