Shade for Children's Crisis Response

Refugee Support

We are partnering with several other organizations to help provide for internally displaced families and individuals and refugees. Some of our expenses have included purchasing mattresses and bedding for refugee centers as well as food and hygiene supplies. We've also supported individual families who are relocated on a more permanent basis to our region. To date (end of April), we've spent about $6000.

Orphanage Assistance

Local orphanages were initially affected financially but since the early stages of the war most of them are receiving help from a variety of sources. So far we've spent about $1500 to provide supplemental food. $500 supported orphan relocations from hotspots.

ZCY Support

We've partnered with a couple of reputable organizations to procure body armor and first aid kits, as well as thermal imaging scopes for soldiers that we know who are at risk. We've spent about $6000. .

Missionary/Organizational Support

We have received and then distributed cash to several missionaries and organizations because our banking network has proven fast and reliable. So far, we've received and passed on about $6000 in aid for partner organizations and missionaries.


We are partnering with city social services and with several organizations to provide support for families affected by the war. Support includes food parcels and cash for families still living in "hotspots", mostly near Kyiv. We've spent about $5000.


We are partnering with a few organizations providing extractions of people from extremely difficult circumstances. We've spent about $1500.


It's been easier to keep a fuel tab separately rather than itemize fuel costs for each category. Since the beginning of the war, we've spent about $500 on fuel.


Clinton and Lena White are missionaries serving through Commission to Every Nation. 100% of funds given through Shade for Children will be used for ministry projects and crisis response.

Donations received through CTEN support Clinton and Lena personally.

Clinton and Lena recently completed an adoption of a two year old boy. There are still some legal hurdles, which might entail having to temporarily relocate to the EU. They are also in the process of building a hope.