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Ongoing Projects

With your help we visit orphans every week

Orphanage Visits

We currently visit the regional toddler orphanage almost every Thursday. You can join our team or even start a new team and go the same day or a different day. The children range from infants- 5 years old and mostly they just need our time, attention, and love. 

A part of this ministry is to build relationships and minister with the children's caretakers.

Our goal is to expand our weekly visits to 1-2 other orphanages as soon as possible.


Baby Hospital

Every week individuals or teams of 2-3 visit the local pediatric hospital to hold "abandoned" babies. We typically stay for about 2 hours and there is a lot of flexibility in regard to what time of the day you want to go.

Volunteers need a Ukrainian (or foreign) Medical Card or Immunization Records. With a copy of your medical card and passport-type picture we can create an ID Badge that will allow you to visit the babies.

There's a whole article in our blog section about WHY we think it's important to hold these babies.

OVC Camps

Every Summer we sponsor camps for church kids and children-at-risk. We also assist other organizations with their camps.

We have a lot of ideas and plans to expand our summer camp ministry. We have open doors to conduct day camps or residential camps at a few orphanages in the region.

We plan to expand the camp ministry to include "Skill Camps" in 2020 such as a Carpentry Camp or a Sewing Camp.

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