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More about Short-Term Teams & Internships

Short-Term Teams

Bring Your Team to Ukraine

Shade For Children conducts our own camps for orphaned and vulnerable children and teens and partners with other ministries- some of which are rugged, outdoor, tent-camping experiences and some of which are day camp experiences at a conference center. Most camps are five days long but require a 10-12 day commitment to cover traveling, preparation, debriefing, and maybe a little bit of sightseeing. "Camping" Camps are usually in late June-July. Day camps go all summer. 

Teach Conversational English

Having native English speakers is always a "draw" for our camps so just your presence alone helps us reach children and teenagers. As a native English speaker, you are an expert; you can provide a ministry that no one else can provide.

Preach and Lead Worship

Do you have experience or training teaching, preaching, or leading worship? There might be a spot for you working through our translators to bring devotions, sermons, and help our teenagers lead worship.

Lead Camp Recreation

Are you a veteran of American Christian Summer Camps? Do you love leading games? Not only can you provide leadership, but in doing so, you can train Ukrainians to lead recreation. And you will for sure learn a thing or two yourself!

Disciple and Train

Through our translators, you can teach seminars or workshops to train children and teens or youth leaders.

Sample Itinerary

Day 1- Overnight flight from States to Budapest, Hungary.
Day 2- Arrive in Budapest and travel (by private van or by train with escort) to Uzhgorod, Ukraine.
Day 3- Orientation and Camp Preparation
Day 4-8- Camp
Day 9- Recovery
Day 10-11- Travel to Budapest, Sightseeing, Debriefing
Day 12- All-day travel back to States


Details for Potential Team Leaders

Short-term teams must complete a thorough application and preparation process.  Your first step is to contact Clinton White to begin a dialogue about possible dates and team makeup. Clinton will guide you through the application process.

Shortly after first contact and after some initial dialogue (via email and/or skype) your team leader will receive a Short-Term Team Proposal outlining the budget and logistics of the planned mission project. Once you accept the proposal a $50 per person (non-refundable but transferable) registration fee will secure your team's spot and you can begin completing background checks and team preparation.

NOTE- You are responsible for airfare. Most of your ground-cost can be paid upon arrival and you will be notified in ample time if advance funds are required.

Estimated costs will vary depending on the project, date, size, and make-up of your team but typically you can expect costs in the range of $25 per person per day which includes food, lodging, local transportation, translator honorariums, and insurance but NOT including airfare.

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Email us for more information about internships or short-term teams

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