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Stand with Ukraine

Crisis Response
Blossom Cottage

Since February 24, 2022 Shade for Children has received and distributed about $100,000 in aid across several categories including:

Supporting at-risk families- 41%

Supporting other ministries- -27%

Supporting Ukrainian defenders- -16%

Supporting refugees- 16%

We appreciate your support, your finances, and your prayers. Lives have been saved and blessed because of you!


What is Blossom Cottage? Look for the big announcement coming in October.

What YOU can do

We believe there’s no better place for a child than in a happy, secure family. 

Your support makes the dream of a family, a reality.

Here's what you support preserve.png
Here's what you support adoption.png
Here's what you support.png

Family Preservation


You can provide services and advocacy to keep families together. 

Your support serves families-in-crisis and helps transition institutionalized kids back to their families.

Adoption & Foster Care

You can enable partnerships with churches and NGO’s to advocate for domestic adoption and foster care.

Your support encourages families to adopt or foster, and provides services and support to them when they do.

Safety Nets for OVC


You can mobilize camps and other programs to build relationships with orphaned and vulnerable children.

Your support gives kids relational & social safety nets among churches and communities.


Lena is a Ukrainian with more than 20 years of experience in Children's Ministry. She has a Master's Degree in Financial Administration and a Degree in Christian Theology.

Clinton is an American with 16 years of experience in Youth Ministry. He has an MDiv in Pastoral Ministry, an MBA in Nonprofit Mgmt & Social Entrepreneurism, and a graduate certificate in Social Work.


They've been married since 2018 and live in Uzhhorod, Ukraine. They adopted a child in 2022.


Collage of Shade for Children loving children


because there's no better place for children than a happy, secure home.

An institution is no place for a child.

You're involvement makes a difference.

Children Praying

You may not be ready to adopt a child or send money to our ministry but we believe prayer makes a difference. We have stories that testify to that truth. We can send you quarterly updates about an orphaned child for as long as we can maintain contact with the child

Collecting Money
Join Us

There are opportunities for small teams and individual internships to serve alongside Shade for Children in Transcarpathia. We love teams that can serve in our camps and we love child develoopment specialist that can train others to serve.. Click below for more information 

It takes about $200 a month for fuel and supplies to visit orphanages. A Day camp cost up to $3000/week. Any amount, big or small, enables the work to continue. Shade for Children is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization based in Vicksburg, MS. EIN: 83-4113208. 

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