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What we're dreaming of . . .

Shade For Children is a brand new ministry even though we, along with a variety of volunteers, have been serving for years. As we launch the ministry we are already dreaming about the future; about realities we want to see someday; realities you can pray for with us and maybe help bring to fruition.

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A Drop-in Day Care Center

Dream big or go home, right? Our town needs a drop-in day care center for families in crises. Maybe even a Center especially for special-needs most at risk for being shipped off to an orphanage because their parents lack the time or skills to care for them full-time.

Our own camp facility

There aren't many dedicated Christian camp facilities in Ukraine. A ministry from Netherlands owns one near us and they are booked virtually every week of the summer. Right now, it is fully occupied by displaced families. It's a dream but wouldn't it be awesome- somewhere in the Carpathian foothills not far from Uzhhorod to own a camp facility?

Shade for Children's US Director, Clinton White, lived in Gulfport, Mississippi during Hurricane Katrina. He saw firsthand the rapid deployment of "Katrina Cottages". Right now, a number of ministries and organizations are building a providing tiny, modular homes for displaced families.

But the war won't last forever. Eventually, those families will return to their homes and we expect there to be a glut of those cottages. What if we can procure about 10-15 of them (they typically sleep 4 people) for a camp facility?

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