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GlobalGiving December Accelerator

Shade for Children is participating as a contestant on one of the world's largest crowdfunding sites, GlobalGiving. As a contestant in the December Accelerator, Shade for Children is raising $5400 between Giving Tuesday (December 3) and December 30. If we succeed then we will become permanent members of the GlobalGiving Community which will allow us to earn matching funds in the future as well as publicity for our cause.

Our specific project for the GlobalGiving Accelerator is "Yearbooks for Orphans" described below. You can make a donation on right.

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Adoption & Foster Care

Orphanage Visits

Yearbooks for Orphans

In early 2018 we assisted a Texas family that adopted a 15-year-old girl. When she left her orphanage for the last time she could fit all of her worldly possessions in her arms, including less than a dozen photographs, many of which appeared to be school pictures that looked like passport photos.

Our volunteers have visited local orphans for years and we have thousands of candid photos. We want to combine those candid photos with professional photo-sessions over the next several months and then create personalized Yearbooks for as many of the orphans and children deprived of parental care as we can. We estimate being able to produce about 100 photo-albums.


Angel Tree for Families in Need in Uzhhorod

Different churches in Uzhhorod are joining together to help local families at Christmas by providing Angel Trees. Contact us about information for a participating church and Angel Tree near you.

The "Angel" on the tree will provide information about a family in need along with information about their children and what they need and want for Christmas. Volunteers will then meet the parents and provide the gifts affording an opportunity to build a relationship with the family and give the parents the opportunity to give their children meaningful gifts- not from us, but from them!


Family Preservation

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