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We believe children belong in safe, secure families, not in orphanages. 

We believe you can make a difference in the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children. We can help.

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Caring for orphans shouldn't be so difficult. Don't be overwhelmed; Be on Mission!

There are more than 100,000 children in State-run orphanages in Ukraine, including more than 3000 in our region. Ninety-two percent of them have a family; they are "social orphans", institutionalized because of poverty, neglect, health, and other reasons. We believe an institution is no place for a child; we want them reunited with families or adopted or in loving foster care.


Partnering with Shade for Children helps make that transition possible so they can have a forever family and you can be a part of making their world a better place.

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You can provide services and advocacy to keep families together. 

Your support serves families-in-crisis and helps transition institutionalized kids back to their families.

You can enable partnerships with churches and NGO’s to advocate for domestic adoption and foster care.

Your support encourages families to adopt or foster, and provides services and support to them when they do.

You can mobilize camps and other programs to build relationships with orphaned and vulnerable children.

Your support gives kids relational & social safety nets among churches and communities.

Get Involved!

Get Involved!
because there is no better place for children,

than a happy, sheltered home.

Institutions are no place for a child.

Your participation matters.


It takes about $200 a month for fuel and supplies to visit orphanages. A Day camp cost up to $3000/week. Any amount, big or small, enables the work to continue. Shade for Children is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization based in Vicksburg, MS. EIN: 83-4113208. 


You may not be ready to adopt a child or send money to our ministry but we believe prayer makes a difference. We have stories that testify to that truth. We can send you quarterly updates about an orphaned child for as long as we can maintain contact with the child.


There are opportunities for small teams and individual internships to serve alongside Shade for Children in Transcarpathia. We love teams that can serve in our camps and we love child development specialist that can train others to serve.. Click below for more information.

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