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2019 Annual Report

I read a friend's Annual Report a few days ago. The ministry he directs is 30 years old this year and has grown from a garage office to an $18 million a year enterprise.

We're not there yet.

However, we believe we are right where the Lord wants us to be. Your support has empowered us to do what we think you would do if you were in our shoes. You have strengthened families, promoted adoption and foster-care, visited orphans, and conducted awesome camps for at-risk kids.

This is your ministry in Ukraine.


Miles Driven

visiting orphans in Transcarpathia, some of them in the new van you bought!


Praying Together


Heroes like you that supported Shade for Children and/or Clinton & Lena through CTEN in 2019




Ministry Funds raised in 2019 through CTEN & various crowdfunding platforms.


Revenue for Shade for Children in 2019 was $27,000. Five (5%) percent of revenue was generated by Shade for Children; 95% of revenue was provided by Clinton and Lena from Personal Ministry Support.


Program costs include direct ministry expenses (travel, supplies, rents, etc). Administrative costs include expenses associated with operating the organization (fees, banking, logo and website development, etc). Fundraising costs include all money spent to raise the financial support that goes back into the organization. The bank balance for the end of 2019 is $113.00 and approximately $5110.00 due in January from our GlobalGiving campaign in December.


YOU placed Angel Trees for Families-in-Crisis in six local churches this Christmas.

We acquired the names from a Women's & Children's Shelter and from State Social Services.

Your support helps keep families together and prevents kids ending up in an orphanage!


YOU placed a team of regular visitors in a local orphanage almost every week of the year.

Our team visited on the same day at the same time to see the same kids and caregivers.

Your support helps kids to understand that they are loved.


YOU advocated for adoption and foster care; YOU actually did more than just talk about it.

We provided direct support to adoptive and foster-care families.

Your support is raising awareness and equipping families to pursue these precious kids!

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